Basso BA312 from Eastank, USA

In a standard 5.1 home theater system, a strong, clean and potential subwoofer has a very important influence on the final effect. In addition to working in the frequency response range of less than 80Hz when playing digital channels, it has a great key to the sudden impact transient force caused by the atmosphere camp, making the picture more shocking and immersive.


There are many kinds of subwoofer in the market, but it is definitely a good choice to choose the American Eastank BA312 subwoofer.


The new series of subwoofers from  Eastank, a famous home audio and video manufacturer in the United States, are available in three sizes: ba308, ba310 and BA312. BA312 subwoofer not only has strong control power, but also gives full play to the shocking aura of king in the world. Wave after wave of ultra-low audio, rolling from the store, both in the force and calm, makes people feel enjoyable


Solid sound box is used in Eastank BA312, all of which are made of medium density fiberboard (MDF), with built-in 450W power amplifier, class A / B operation, MOSFET output stage and bass reflective load. 12 to promote the bass unit located at the bottom of the speaker toward the ground. This kind of design enables the low class to spread to every corner instantaneously when it breaks out.


More sound effects adjustment, including volume adjustment, segmentless filtering, frequency adjustment from 40-120hz, phase from 0-1800, there are two groups of low-level RCA terminal input, one group is only for lfe input of 5.1 channel, BA312 is also equipped with high-level input. The weight of  Eastank BA312 is 15.9kg, and the frequency response range is 26-100hz ± 3dB.


In order to better experience the subwoofer sound effect of Eastank Soundtrack BA312, you can choose the sound test pieces such as "Air Force One", "cannon", etc. you will feel the speed of the bullet and the heavy metal smell of the bullet case, full of quality explosive force, and the real bullet will be as real as if you are rowing along your side. The infiltrative ultra-low frequency design of  Eastank  BA312 is a major feature. However, in practical use, it should be noted that the bass reflecting air hole should not be too close to the wall, and there should be proper space breathing development. In order to ensure the sound box has better stability when working in overweight low frequency, BA312 has four bimetal pin foot accessories.

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