When a group of people who love life,

Designers, musicians, engineers,

What happens when they gather at a family party?

Eastank dates back to 1985,

From the heart of New York audio industry,

Use the latest cutting-edge research and development technology to design first-class aesthetic sound solutions

From concept to simulation, prototyping, auditory testing,

 installation, performance testingand manufacturing,

 every detail is carefully handled

The new design brings new music and gives people music charm.
Add music to space and surprise life.
A new thought about music, It can give people a new way of life.
Pursue the true emotion of oneself, beautiful music life.

Our goal has always been to create high quality audio products,

Provides an unparalleled sound experience and extraordinary value.

Bring the sound from the studio to the room,

Integrate into life and work through design.

Eastank hired phaso group and templetn group to design and develop new products.

Both companies provide eastank with an extensive resume.

To create well conceived and executed products.

And have an excellent track record of success.

You'll see more about music and space design in eastank's products.

In Asia,

At the beginning of reform and opening up,

We met our Chinese partners,

The company has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Beijing,

This links members of the U.S. and Asian development teams,

It can not only speed up the time to market,

and It can  make our mission statement more than words come true.

With international offices around the world, we are committed to building a network of partners with the same philosophy and vision as us.

EastanK Asia Pacific Operations Center