Best Ceiling Speaker Eastank Est-610A

No ceiling speaker is perfect, but the eastank est-610a is infinitely close to perfect

Eastank is a brand that has a profound impact on the customized audio-visual industry. If you have heard of a set of wall mounted or ceiling mounted speakers, especially the various models (including those made for other brands) produced by eastank in the past 35 years, you will feel the influence of eastank on home customized audio and video.


Est-610a is the top ceiling loudspeaker. One of its bigger selling points is about size. For example, the diameter of the subwoofer is 6.5 inches, which is about 60% more than the surface area of the commonly used 5-inch subwoofer. The larger size of the ceiling horn is very rare, mainly because the diameter is too large, the size of the installation opening is too large, and it is impossible to completely hide. Although there is a net cover to cover it, we still need to make the size of the loudspeaker as small as possible without reducing the sound quality.

The Eastank Est-610a subwoofer is hidden about 3 inches behind the hood to make room for the hemispherical treble / midrange assembly. Supported by four side pillars, it "floats" over the subwoofer, allowing it to rotate up to ± 18 degrees off-axis. The independent 4.0-inch soprano is also suspended above the 75 inch rotation. The bass speaker and the mid tone basin are made of Kevlar fiber.


Whether you are a technical installation engineer or you install it yourself, the ease of installation of the est-610a is very important - especially for ceiling speakers - because it minimizes labor costs and DIY time. After cutting the mounting hole, insert the mounting bracket into it and tighten the screw to fix it on the gypsum board between the outer flange of the base. The end result is similar to using a traditional dog ear clip - just a screwdriver is needed to complete the installation. Another location on the outer edge of the speaker is the EQ switch for bass and treble adjustment.

Eastank est-610a loudspeaker has excellent structure and industrial design. The "trilinear" design (fixed bass unit, plus steerable midrange unit, plus steerable treble unit) is designed to compensate as much as possible for the attempt to install the speaker above the listener. It's a remarkable industrial design attempt and attention to detail.


When you close your eyes and listen carefully to two-way music, instruments, human voices, almost all of them have a strong sense of presence, as if the performer is in front of us. It's a miracle that people can feel the sound in front of their eyes instead of the specific location of the loudspeaker.


The sound field of eastank est-610a is very broad and deep. Sonny Rollins' high pitched horn in "blue 7" is so smooth and rich. While listening to David fray and Jacques rouvier playing piano four hands, D. 940 (Schubert: Fantaisie) in Fantasia in F minor, apart from the pleasant nuances of the piano strings, eastank est-610a vividly and cleanly reproduces the declining resonance in the piano.


In terms of overall performance, it can be said that it is the best Ceiling Speaker I have ever heard. Excellent medium and high frequency performance and strong bass output make you really enjoy the immersive panoramic sound system

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