The development of smart home theater system

At present, the growth rate of the home theater market is basically maintained at about 10%, and it is difficult for the home theater to become a necessity in the family consumption in the short term. The home theater market in secondary and tertiary cities and urban and rural areas will become the main market with growth potential. On the other hand, the population with professional sound consumption demand is relatively stable, so the home theater market will still maintain a growth trend It's a long-term trend.

With the continuous maturity of the market and the improvement of brand concentration, the competition between manufacturers will be more intense. In the face of the pressure of meager profits and the good momentum of the market, whether the home theater manufacturers can create products that integrate innovative technologies and meet the needs of consumers is the core factor for the sustainable development of home theater manufacturers.

In the next few years, China's home theater market will continue to grow steadily. The rapid promotion of digital technology and the gradual popularization of digital TV have stimulated people's demand for the new generation of home theater products, forming a strong driving force for the development of China's home theater market. The intellectualization, simplification and personalization of the products have become the new demand hot spot in the home theater market, which also indicates a huge market development space.

The difference between home cinema, private cinema and private entertainment center is the equipment combination of video display system composed of projector screen and audio playback system composed of speaker power amplifier, which usually does not involve the problem of indoor architectural acoustics;

Private cinema refers to a room with special functions to provide private rooms such as music, movie and TV appreciation on the basis of home cinema equipment. It requires reasonable room shape, silent learning defects, and clear requirements for reverberation time, sound insulation, RASTI, etc;

Private entertainment area, also known as private audio-visual entertainment hall, refers to the addition of 3D games, karaoke, satellite TV, music appreciation and other functions on the basis of private cinema.







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